Monasteries of Subiaco

Imagine a remote place, a rugged mountain near a small village in the year 500 AD, where it leads, 15 centuries ago, a young boy named Benedict in search of an answer to his willingness to stand alone with the Lord.

From the place we now call Sacred Cave, the cave where he would spend his first three years as a hermit at Subiaco, Benedict was able to give life to a religious order who has influenced history, culture and spirituality for centuries.

At a time when Italy was a prey to the barbarians, when the destruction of the world was now arrived at its finest, Benedict decided to leave the world, to make the flight from the world then, every monaco his disciple will be called to do. From the depths of this cave he decided to retire in the Lord, and the Lord said to him, giving him the opportunity to perform great miracles, including the largest, probably, was to give life to an order that with his Rule has been able to cope the destruction of the classical world.

Of the twelve monasteries founded by him today only one remains, the Monastery of St. Scholastica, spiritual witness unparalleled, a place of culture and “resistance” against barbarism. Its library has preserved works of inestimable value subtracting from the destruction and doing it they got to us. To do this eager to take credit even to become the first Italian typography hosting one of its rooms Gutenberg two students who, for the first time, they printed in Italy.

The monks not satisfied with this testimony took charge of building a new monastery, which had its roots in the cave where St. Benedict began his adventure. Today’s Monastery of St. Benedict is the testimony of the spiritual zeal of ardor that the monks of Subiaco demonstrated by their founder.

Monastero di San Benedetto - Entrata

Monastero di San Benedetto – Entrata


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